Sunday, June 20, 2010

Notorious for the stylist's directness in speech and manner (aka minimal customer service), but famous for her quick hands and awesome results with incredible low prices, Chien Dai Hair Salon was sui generis.

My sister-in-law found out this hair salon before coming back from the States for the Chinese New Year. The sisters and I had our firsthand experiences in Chinese New Year's Eve. We were quite satisfied. Abby was also there with us but she was so young and delicate that the stylist declined to cut her hair.

In the following three months, I enjoyed wearing a hairdo that I had never had before. It was stylish and sharp. I wanted to continue wearing it but must to my dismay, the hair salon was no longer available--it was closed or moved to somewhere else. I found that, when I had my hair cut at a random hair salon back in Banciao, how I missed the stylist's skill and her manner. It is a terrible loss for my hair.
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