Saturday, September 04, 2010

The Younger TwinIntroducing the younger twin, reproduced by Cerina Liao and Johnny Yen after considerable time and effort. The older twin, however, managed to escape our camera by taking his nap.

Every time I hear about couples who took extraordinary measures in order to conceive, a sharp contrast between them and Juno from Juno (2007) would emerge in my head. (Before Juno was released in 2007, I drew reports of teenage pregnancy from daily newspapers and TV news.) I stare at this contrast in disbelief--it must be Murphy's law at work, on both sides.

Even more curious a case is that sometimes I hear people say that they do not want children. They think children will ruin their lives, or the world is coming to an end, why should they put their children into more suffering, or it is simply a life choice as Mr. Bingham mentioned in Up in the Air (2009). Is this a cunning choice that would successfully avoid Murphy's law?
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