Sunday, April 17, 2011

Never had I sat so close to the performance on stage, but I was on the first-row seat when I watched U-Theatre's performance titled "Flower Petals on the Water" at Expo Hall of 2010 Taipei International Flora Exposition. And it was such a blast! The jumping sound of drum rolls accompanied by the low and heavy sound of gong in the background created a harmonious rhythm that was soothing to ears and mind.

What was even more amazing was that the performers were recent graduates from a joined program of U-Theatre and Taipei Jingwen High School. I was most impressed with their dedication to the training (although not seen by the audience) and their concentration during the performance. They gave such a powerful performance that I was literally stunned right there on my first-row seat.

According to U-Theatre's founder, their training is divided into two parts: in the morning, they practice Chan meditation; in the evening, they practice drumming skills. Their performance is said to derive from the natural impulse of the performers who have prepared their mind and skills. That sounds just like what a Chan practitioner does every day.
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