Monday, January 09, 2012

Children of Us

Clive Owen's character, Theodore Faron, in Children of Men once commented on Kee's name choice of her unborn child: "This is the first baby born in 20 years and you want to name it Froley?" According to, the name "Froley" was simply invented for the film, and according to, the name means "unknown".

This sci-fi thriller created an alarming future that may not be so unbelievable, considering that there are couples in our generation opting for not having children. If every couple in the world decided to go childfree, then the story wouldn't need the premise of human race being infertile. Fortunately, DINK is not yet a widespread phenomenon in our society, but the drop of birth rate is already a major issue in some countries, especially for Taiwan, which has recorded the world's lowest total fertility rate in 2010.

It's time to procreate, if you still can.
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