Sunday, October 21, 2012

Home Renovation, Indefinitely Postponed

Starting from August 26th and up until October 21st, Evania and I worked with several interior designers on defining what our future home should look like.

The department that we live now is more than 30 years old without any major renovation in between. After living here for more than three years, we have started a wish list for a better home. For example, we want to have an additional bathroom, instead of just one that is too large. We also want to have a balcony that could be used like a greenhouse, so clothes could be hung there to dry even in a rainy day.

The final space plan is very different from what we originally had in mind. One designer suggested that keeping kitchen and bathrooms close together will reduce effort and cost. When we went to Michael & Nicole's new place at Sanxia District, they also inspired us with how modern design has usually put kitchen right next to a balcony where a washing machine is placed. Gradually, we reached a design that both of us feel satisfied, and we were ready to kick off the renovation project, with one last hurdle: our upstairs neighbor.

Alas, eventually we decided to indefinitely postpone our renovation project due to reasons that I would rather not say. The whole process, however, was time worth spending. We got to know two interior designers who we struggled to decide which one we should hire. We also learned more about our expectations and that would be a valuable asset in our future decision-making.

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