Monday, July 09, 2012

Play (2011)

Play by Ruben Östlund
Based on actual crime cases happened at Gothenburg, Swedish director Ruben Östlund explores the interactions between a gang of five black teenage boys and three well-to-do teenagers, two white and one Asian at his latest feature film, Play.

This group of black boys, aged 12 to 14, robbed other children on about 40 occasions between 2006 and 2008. They used an elaborated scheme called "little brother number" or "brother trick"[1]. One of the boys would accuse a victim stealing cell phone from his or his friend's little brother. When the victim denied such wrongdoing, another boy wound diplomatically suggest that to clarify the misunderstanding, they should all go and show the cell phone to the little brother, who was of course fictional.

The film is certainly not with an Hollywood ending. Instead, these boys get what they wanted and enjoy a meal together afterwards. Although one of the boys, the one on the poster actually, runs into the parents of one of the victims in the following day and gets his role reversed as a "victim", the scene does not feel like anything that could be described as a revenge. On the contrary, it demonstrates that the stronger ones have the power to dominate the weaker ones.

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